Edging and Fascia

Flexible Bullnose Edging

Edging and Fascia allow for a flawless finishing touch to your Millboard endeavor. The wood grain aesthetic seamlessly extends to the edge profile, maintaining the authentic wood appearance. These edges are crafted to withstand significant wear and are available in all Millboard shades. Exclusively, Millboard offers Bullnose profiles. These special flexible edges can be effortlessly bent to achieve a standout rounded finish.


Construction: Flexible polymer resin core/Lastane® surface
Size: 50 x 2400 x 32mm

What makes Millboard unique

The unique features


Our distinct Lastane layer offers resistance against scratches and stains, outperforming traditional timber in challenging outdoor conditions.


The two-toned Lastane finish is meticulously hand-colored with pigments to mirror the authentic appearance of natural wood.


Being devoid of wood and non-porous, Millboard boasts an impressive resistance to algae and superior slip-resistant qualities.


Thanks to its special closed ‘cellular’ design, our internal structure is lightweight yet doesn’t compromise on strength.


The foundational core consists of natural minerals fused with a polymer resin, enhanced with long fibers for superior strength.


Unlike conventional decking, Millboard is solid, ensuring it remains resilient against warping, decay, and infestations that often plague timber.


Without splinters

Low maintenance

''Lost Head'' effect

Warp & Rot Resistant