Millboard: The Superior Choice

Millboard stands out as the prime alternative to traditional wood and composite materials. These planks exude the warmth and charm of wood, yet they’re entirely devoid of it. While wooden terraces have their own allure, they come with certain drawbacks when used outdoors.

Shades and Textures

Conventional outdoor wooden floors and composite decks tend to warp, crack, and fade over time. They also demand significant upkeep. Millboard, on the other hand, promises minimal maintenance. Our range includes the Enhanced Grain and Weathered Oak designs, offering a variety of colors and finishes.

Built to Last

Millboard takes pride in being the first outdoor flooring brand globally to have its carbon footprint independently assessed. It’s also recognized by UKAS, adhering to the ISO 14064-1 Verified Carbon Footprint Assurance Mark. Our products are environmentally conscious, with no deforestation involved. Originating from England, Millboard is notably lighter than conventional wood.

What makes Millboard unique

The unique features


Our distinct Lastane layer offers resistance against scratches and stains, outperforming traditional timber in challenging outdoor conditions.


The two-toned Lastane finish is meticulously hand-colored with pigments to mirror the authentic appearance of natural wood.


Being devoid of wood and non-porous, Millboard boasts an impressive resistance to algae and superior slip-resistant qualities.


Thanks to its special closed ‘cellular’ design, our internal structure is lightweight yet doesn’t compromise on strength.


The foundational core consists of natural minerals fused with a polymer resin, enhanced with long fibers for superior strength.


Unlike conventional decking, Millboard is solid, ensuring it remains resilient against warping, decay, and infestations that often plague timber.


Without splinters

Low maintenance

''Lost Head'' effect

Warp & Rot Resistant