Decking FAQ's

What can I anticipate upon unboxing my Millboard?

Upon unveiling your new Millboard decking boards, you’ll immediately appreciate the meticulous craftsmanship and superior quality. The boards, both lightweight and robust, are primed for installation.

However, before you embark on your dream project, here are some insights:

  • Initially, the boards might exhibit a slight sheen due to a release agent applied during manufacturing. This ensures easy removal from our moulds and will naturally wear off in the weeks post-installation.
  • Emulating the uniqueness of wood, each Millboard decking board has its distinct shade, offering a genuine timber appearance without the drawbacks. This design choice ensures your deck combines the aesthetic appeal of wood with the durability of composite materials.
  • Our boards undergo a moulding process under high pressure, not extrusion. As a result, slight dimensional variations are expected. The acceptable variances are: Width: ± 3mm. Length: ± 5mm. Thickness: ± 2mm.
  • Similar to timber, you might need to trim the board ends during installation to achieve a polished, seamless look.

Where is Millboard decking suitable for use?

Millboard decking is designed for adaptability, suitable for nearly all outdoor settings (subject to building regulations). Whether it’s decks, cladding, balconies, rooftop gardens, boardwalks, bridges, pontoons, seating, steps, or planters, Millboard is your go-to. It can serve as the aesthetic exterior for most outdoor structures, provided it’s anchored to a structural component.

Is the colour of Millboard decking uniform?

Millboard is crafted to emulate the natural variations found in timber, so uniformity in shade isn’t the goal. To ensure colour consistency, it’s advisable to purchase all required Millboard decking simultaneously. Before installation, laying out the boards can help achieve a harmonious blend of shades.

While samples offer a glimpse of the product, we recommend customers view complete boards in a deck setting to fully appreciate the product before making a purchase.

Will the colour of my Millboard decking fade over time?

Our commitment is to capture the essence of natural timber. Like any material exposed to varying weather conditions, including sunlight, rain, and snow, Millboard will undergo natural weathering and subtle colour shifts. Some yellowing, especially in the deeper grain, and a reduction in gloss are anticipated and intentional, aligning with our aim to mirror the authentic timber it’s modelled after, combined with our bespoke hand-colouring technique.

Does Millboard decking become too warm under sunlight?

Like other composite materials, Millboard decking surfaces can become warmer than timber when under direct sunlight. Darker shades, in particular, may retain more heat and could be uncomfortable for barefoot walking. In areas with intense sunlight and high temperatures, wearing footwear might be advisable. Extra care should be taken near heat/UV reflective glass or surrounding pools.

Does Millboard decking experience expansion or contraction?

Thanks to its unique resin-mineral composition, Millboard exhibits greater stability compared to timber or timber-based composites. We advise maintaining a 4mm gap between board sides, a 1mm gap at board ends, and a 10mm gap between boards and any solid surface for optimal drainage.

Is there a warranty for Millboard decking?

Absolutely. We offer a Limited Warranty to ensure your peace of mind. Depending on the installation application of the boards, we provide either a Residential 25-year Limited Warranty or a Commercial 5-year Limited Warranty. It’s essential to register this warranty within 90 days of installation. To register, click here.

Can Millboard decking be marked or scratched?

The Lastane® finish on our decking is designed to resist everyday wear, tear, and common food and drink stains. However, sharp objects, like metal planter bases, spiked shoes, or unprotected furniture legs, can leave marks if dragged. Immediate removal of strong dyes, animal droppings, or cooking oils can reduce staining risks. Protect the boards, especially if newly installed, from building debris, paint, or cementitious dust. Millboard isn’t responsible for contamination from foreign substances, but we can recommend cleaning solutions for such situations.

Which fixings are suitable for Millboard decking?

After thorough testing, we endorse and supply Durafix® stainless steel screws, tailored for Millboard. Pre-drilling or countersinking isn’t necessary, and the Lastane® coating flexes back over the screw heads, leaving a barely noticeable mark. For any prominent marks, refer to our installation guide.

Why does my new decking have a shiny finish?

The boards have a release agent from the manufacturing process, which might give them a shiny or waxed appearance initially. This agent will naturally wear off in 6-8 weeks. Speed up the process by cleaning the boards with warm soapy water and a stiff brush post-installation.

Why is there water pooling on my boards?

Newly laid boards retain the release agent, causing water to bead on the surface. This effect diminishes in 6-8 weeks. Millboard’s non-porous nature means some surface water is expected. Proper board installation with a slight fall and adhering to recommended gapping can aid drainage. Surface water can be brushed off, and frost or ice can be treated with white salt.

Why do board dimensions slightly vary?

Due to our moulding process and the use of natural oak, slight dimensional variances are expected. However, we strive to maintain consistent profiles. Manufacturing tolerances are: Width: ± 3mm. Length: ± 5mm. Thickness: ± 2mm. The Weathered Oak style might have more variance due to its unique moulding process. When installing, packers might be needed for a flush finish.

For our Envello® cladding boards, similar tolerances apply. To maintain consistent gapping with our Shadow Line product, using our Millboard Multi-Spacers during installation might be necessary. For more details, refer to the Envello® Cladding Installation and User Guidance on our website.