Shadow Line

Antique Oak

The natural, warm tones of antique oak are reminiscent of tropical hardwood tones and the appearance is reminiscent of an authentic aged look.

Antique Oak offers more color variation per individual board than any other color in the Millboard range. It provides a beautiful and organic look.


Without splinters

UV and weather resistant

Ante Alge

Wear resistant

Low maintenance

''Lost Head'' effect

Large CO2 footprint

Does not deform, does not rot

Specifications Enhanced Grain

Antique Oak

The cladding of the façade is handmade from carefully selected natural woods for an unmistakable organic appearance. From the smooth finish of the Shadow Line profile to the beautiful grain variation of Board & Batten, there is a Millboard Envello cladding profile available for every type of house. Years of development mean this product has been perfectly designed to stand the test of time with minimal maintenance.

Dimensions: 3600 x 200 x 18 mm

Surface: 1.53 boards per m2

Weight: 6.3 kg per shelf